By Dr. Vanessa


Ballet barres are exactly what they sound like, they are sturdy bars used by ballerinas for training purposes. Many individuals benefit from using ballet barres in their workouts other than ballerinas. Using a ballet barre has a variety of benefits for the average person, ten of which are discussed below.


1. No Experience Needed

When you hear the term ‘ballet’, you’re likely thinking of complex dance moves that are performed with utter simplicity. While this is what ballerinas aim to do, you don’t need to be able to do that to use a ballet barre for your workout. Everyone starts at a different level and will overcome challenges with practice. Also, ballet barre workouts can easily be adjusted to suit your physical needs. There are a variety of modifications for every age and skill level.


2. Works Out Your Core

Using a barre for a workout requires isometric movements which means that tension is created in the body without muscle contraction. This means that you’re targeting the tiny muscles that you wouldn’t hit with a normal workout. This applies to all the small muscles in your body, but your core especially benefits from barre workouts.


3. Improves Flexibility

As you probably know, ballerinas are known for their impeccable flexibility. Being extremely flexible is absolutely not a requirement to use a ballet barre, but you will definitely be working on your flexibility by using it.

Generally, a regular gym workout focuses on strength and ignores flexibility all together. For this reason, many struggle with flexibility despite its importance in physical fitness. Ballet barre workouts can greatly improve your stretching capabilities.


4. Posture Improvements

Standing up straight is a big component of exercises using a ballet barre. The nature of the exercises require that you align your hips, spine, shoulders and head properly which really makes a difference in your posture. The more you work on your posture in class, the more you will make changes in your daily life such as at your desk or on the couch.


5. Assists with Other Activities and Sports

Barre workouts strengthen the whole body and improve flexibility which helps increase performance in other activities and sports. More specifically, the betterment of your joint alignment, balance and general body openness is a huge benefit in nearly all sports.


6. Rapid Results

You will definitely be sore after your first few sessions, but you will also notice dramatic results in a short period of time. Changes you can expect to see are better posture, leaner thighs, chiseled arms, toned back, flat abs and a lifted butt.


7. Fun

Going to the gym is great, but sometimes you need something more fun and energizing. Ballet barre workouts are very fun and, if you’re attending classes, chances are you’ll make some new friends!


8. Low Impact

At any age, we need to worry about the stress we put on our joints. Exercises such as running are great for cardio and endurance purposes, but too much without breaks can result in serious injuries to the joints.

Barre workouts are low impact which is advantageous for your joints. In other words, barre workouts are hard on muscles but easy on the joints.


9. Low Risk of Injury

Because barre workouts are low impact, this means that it also has a low risk of causing injury. In fact, barre workouts are ideal for individuals who are sensitive, such as pregnant women or those recovering from injuries.


10. Targets Many Muscle Groups

A lot of muscles get ignored in our regular workout routine. Since ballet barre workouts utilize isometric movements, you will be tackling many muscle groups, especially the smaller ones that you don’t use often. 

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